Friday, February 14, 2014

Locked up

Boy did we have some rain on Thursday morning. When Ken took Callie out, and she didn't really want to go, there were thirty millimeters of rain in the gauge, and it was pouring buckets. We got more before the morning was over.

The lock on the storage shed out in the vineyard behind our house.

Once the rain stopped, the wind kicked up again. It's the pattern this winter. Warm storms off the Atlantic with high winds, lots of rain, and very little space in between. We haven't seen any snow this year, and it doesn't seem likely at this point.


  1. A wonderful composition of color and form. And, you are right, I'm about to give up on the snow this year and start posting more pics from last year.

  2. be grateful; we had 12 inches, then another 2 inches (of snow) yesterday. save me. :(

  3. Wonderful snap Walt! And red for St. Valentine's Day? Happy Valentine's Day to you and Ken!

  4. please send some rain this way.

  5. Tired of snow pics. Not posting any more.


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