Saturday, February 08, 2014

One right after another

The series of Atlantic storms just keeps on giving. Southwestern England and Wales are getting it big right now, and Brittany is still reeling from, and continues bracing for, high wind and storm surges. We are being spared the brunt of these storms as they normally move through to our north along the English Channel.

Ivy and lichens cling tightly to the trunk of a tree. Even the high winds can't peel them away.

Still, the edges of these systems brush by us bringing rain and high winds, although not anywhere near what they experience along the coasts. This morning the wind kicked up around five o'clock and it's gusting out there now. It's much less violent than Thursday night's wind, thankfully. And it's also raining this morning. Callie and I will be heading out for our walk soon. I'll need the rain hood.


  1. What amazing colours! You have a complete rainbow there I think.

  2. sweet! it's still white and grey and suck here.

  3. Wonderful colors... especially for the dead of winter.

  4. Love that picture. All the colors are so vivid.

  5. What do you plan to do with all those plants (in the previous post)?

  6. pollygarter, but no pot of gold!

    anne marie, hang in there!

    evelyn, :)

    stuart, I'm always surprised at how much color there is around here in winter.

    archguy, thanks!

    starman, the plan is to replace some tired shrubs along the front facade of the house.


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