Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another view across the valley

Here's another shot from our side of the river over the valley to the other side. You can see a few houses on our side of the river in the foreground, the grain silo which sits along the railroad tracks on the other side, and a water tower on the heights to the north.

Looking north at sunrise. On a day with sun.

I got out a map and measured the distance from where I stood to various points in the picture. From there to the water tower is a little over 4 kilometers, or about 2.5 miles. To the grain silo it's 2.9 kilometers, just over a mile and a half.


  1. hmm, what does the "daisy" mean?

  2. I like those old grain silos. Seems like most of them that I've seen are no longer in use. What about this one ?

  3. evelyn, that's a produce company, we see their stickers on apples and oranges, like the Chiquita banana sticker. Someone must have peeled it off their piece of fruit and tossed it on the ground.

    stuart, yes, this one is active from what I can see.

    starman, back atcha!


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