Sunday, February 16, 2014

Make like a tree

These oak leaves will hang on through winter until new spring growth pushes them off. They provide a little color when the sun shines through them. Otherwise, they're just brown.

Oak leaves in winter.

Everyone I've encountered on my walks through the vineyard is singing the same tune: enough! People are sick and tired of this constant wet weather. Y'en a marre! On a ras le bol! Ça suffit! Don't get me wrong, we really can't complain much given how bad things are on the Channel coasts, and in Brittany and southern England. But sloshing around in puddles and mud gets tedious. Especially if your job is to work outside all day pruning grape vines or doing construction/maintenance work.

Some snow and freezing temperatures would be a welcome change. Then, at least, we could complain about something new.


  1. Such a beautiful photo with the light shining through the oak leaves and all the textures you've caught.

  2. Thanks for that picture to brighten our dreary February. Would that be a European Turkey Oak? It's not one I've seen here in Virginia, not surprisingly.

  3. believe it or don't, there is another snow storm going to pound us on tuesday. I HATE SNOW!

  4. I was thinking the same thing as my friend, Eva only without the proper name- I don't think we have an oak like that in my neck of the woods.

  5. You want to complain about snow, come to my part of the world :-)
    It is white all around me , even the cedar hedges are covered with the white stuff.
    I don't know how those little bunnies can take it. They've left their prints in the back yard.

  6. The colour combination of grey and amber is stunning.
    I shall try to remember it the next time I get to play with my beads. The best inspiration usually comes from nature.

  7. I just learned that white oak trees have rounded lobes, and red oak trees have pointed lobes. Other than that, there are innumerable varieties, and usually a variety from one part of the U.S. doesn't even grow in another part of the country. Same thing between different areas of the world. Just learned that!
    Cool photo :)

  8. Wonderful colors in those leaves... and also the lichens. I agree with you... bring on the snow.

  9. Beautiful colours! Next time I get a recurrence of the knitting bug, I'll see what I can find by way of wool. Nothing around here, I'd have to buy on line. The Descartes Phildar shop is closed... P.

  10. i'm saying the same thing. Enough! btw, can we exchange your rain with the snow here in the US...

  11. I can see how those leave would provide a nice contrast on the cold winter days.

  12. kristi, thanks, glad you liked it!

    eva, I don't know... I'll have to look that up!

    anne marie, you've been hit hard this year. Ugh!

    evelyn, do you have what they call live oaks?

    t.b., I just saw a photo of Montreal's latest snow on the internet. I'd be sick of it by now.

    jean, so true!

    judy, I'll check that out. Thanks!

    stuart, I'm likin' the sun at the moment... ;)

    pauline, good luck!

    mike, let's give it a try!

    starman, makes a nice change from brown!

  13. Walt, the live oaks live down in deeper Dixie, like Moblile and New Orleans. We have lots of other varieties of oak though and people make neat baskets from white oaks.


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