Monday, February 24, 2014

Elbow grease

That's what this "elbow" would need to get it working again. It's another in the series of machinery shots from the artsy organized neighbor's collection.

Paint, rust, and algae.

Today we're working on cleaning out the kitchen in advance of the ceiling work which starts on Tuesday. All surfaces have to be cleaned off, pictures have to come off the walls, and the work table has to come out. We don't have to empty the cabinets. I also have to take down the ceiling light fixture early Tuesday morning (the contractor would do it, but it's kind of delicate so I'm going to do it myself). We'll be setting up the coffee maker, toaster oven, and microwave in the dining room.

The contractor will be scraping the water-damaged paint peels, then smoothing the ceiling with a light layer of plaster before applying a wall-paper like product to strengthen the surface (and also hide any minor cracks that may form in the future) before finishing with a couple of coats of new paint. The work is supposed to last four mornings, so it should be done by Friday.


  1. Yes, I, too, am hoping to see after pictures :)
    "Courage" for living with your mini DR kitchen. Hope that works out.

  2. I hope this contractor is a good one and will show up in time.
    (Nobody in my circle of friends have been watching the olympics [summer and winter]. I asked people at work if they were watching and everybody said no. Of course, we have been working really long hours and even on saturdays sometimes, but still, NBC's coverage has been so horrible, and mostly geared towards americans only, we all gave up on summer and winter olympics. Didn't watch opening or closing ceremonies either. I kind of find it sad in a way because it is the end of an era. I even cannot remember the last time I actually looked forward watching the olympics).

  3. That's quite a palette of colors in that shot. Good luck with the reno... but here's an excuse to go out to eat.

  4. It's probably going to need more than "elbow grease", it looks pretty bad.


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