Friday, February 28, 2014

Last day

Today's the last day of February and the last day for our kitchen ceiling work. The first coat of paint went on yesterday and it looks great. The final coat goes on this morning. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the heavy rain squalls we're having will not cause any leaking.

A gratuitous shot of our hamlet seen from the vineyards on a relatively sunny day. Not today.

The kitchen won't be any different except for the ceiling. That and the good cleaning everything's getting as it all gets put back together. Next up: the den in May. Once we can turn off the central heating and drain the system, we can take down the radiator in the den. Then the contractor will remove the remaining wallpaper and repair the ceiling. It's the only ceiling we haven't painted since we moved in nearly eleven years ago. Then I will paint the walls when he's done.


  1. Hope the last day goes well. I'll bet the kitchen will look great. The projects never end, do they? Anyway, nice shot of the homestead !

  2. nice! the seed packets are starting to appear too.

    too bad we still have snow on the ground and are expecting more white crap on monday. :-/

  3. Oh boy! The den will be the last job left of the aesthetic renovating on the house?

  4. Why did you let the den go so long?


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