Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lengthening days

With about three weeks to go until the equinox, I can really tell that the days are getting longer. It's nice for our morning walks because we don't have to wait for light. And we also don't have to rush out in the evening before it gets dark.

Grape vines, still waiting to be pruned, in the morning sunlight.

The contractor got the paper up on the kitchen ceiling on Wednesday and it looks really good. Smooth and white. Today he'll put the first coat of paint on, then a second coat on Friday morning and it will be all done. This weekend we'll be doing a spring cleaning of the walls, floors, and windows before moving all the stuff back in.


  1. We're also noticing the longer days and now is when I start to think that winter is nearly over, spring is definitely just around the corner.
    Thank goodness.
    It sounds like you're going to have a busy weekend, but the kind of busy that's satisfying.

  2. We're looking forward to the pictures of the rejuvenated kitchen!

  3. SPRING! So looking forward to it. You'll feel good in your ever-more-clean and slick and tidy kitchen.

    Any progress on the new stove issue?

  4. That rusty red is fabulous.

    And contractors on schedule ?! Wow. We have not always had such luck.

  5. We'll be there to inspect on Sunday :-)

  6. Walt,
    I'm loving the longer days!

  7. I agree. Even setting out to work is less of a chore when it's in the daylight!

  8. It does seem so quickly our days have been increasing and the nighttime shortening. Getting up to a lighted morning is so enjoyable! As well as coming home when I have natural light showing me down my steps to my front door! Keep on coming!!! I can take it, can't you?

    Glad to hear your ceiling repair is nearly complete. Will there be a Grand Opening Celebration? I'll bet you've both been contemplating what you'll have once you get reinstated in your "new" kitchen!

  9. jean, we sure hope so! I'm getting ready to plant tomato seeds.

    pauline, well, it won't look much different unless you look at the ceiling. :)

    judy, we're planning a trip over to Tours to look at a stove we're considering. Maybe next week.

    stuart, we found a good guy. But we've generally had good luck here with contractors. Can't complain.

    susan, lol!

    ron, me too!

    gaynor, ain't it the truth!

    mary, I think we'll be moving back in slowly. There's some cleaning we want to do first, of course. And I have to wait for the paint on the ceiling to dry before I put the light fixture back up. That'll be Saturday morning.


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