Saturday, February 22, 2014

More machinery

Again from the artsy organized neighbor's collection, a bit of old rusty machinery. I know I've shown some of this before, but I see something different each time I go by, so you see what I see.

The paint, the rust, and the lichens combine to make a colorful image.

I'm dealing with a stupid problem right now. I like to watch tennis on television and over the past few years, different channels have been competing for the rights to certain tournaments. I thought I had it settled a year ago when I subscribed to a rather pricey package to get the tennis tournaments they had pilfered from the sports channels I already paid for. Now, this year, a new station (that's not part of the satellite package I'm paying for) has bought up the rights to a lot of those same major tournaments I enjoy. So I have to decide now if I want to pay even more to have that new channel added to my satellite subscription. They've got us coming and going.


  1. Not only wonderful color, but your framing makes for an interesting arrangement of forms. Bravo.

  2. secret message to callie: ARF ARF ARF WOOF! happy birthday, pretty girl; enjoy your spa day!

    can you watch tennis on your computer somehow? cable companies suck.

  3. Anne Marie is on to something. Google and see what options you get. We don't have cable or a dish, so we use the internet. Sometimes we watch on the computer monitor, sometimes we hook the computer up to the TV screen for a bigger picture. Use the fastest computer you have. It'll still not be as good as cable, but for following Spanish League football, we have no choice.

  4. The color, the composition, the texture make this breathtaking. I just want to look at it for a long time.

  5. Happy 7th birthday, Callie!

  6. As I was reading about your tennis dilemma, I was thinking the same as Anne Marie and Carolyn "Google options on line". Happy birthday to Callie and good luck for the next 4 days ceiling repairs!

  7. Great photo. I love that blue against the rust.

    Yes, I don't know much about it, but my younger friends and colleagues seem all to bypass the cable and satellite systems with online streaming of all kinds of TV.

  8. Nuzzle Callie for me to wish her my greetings!
    Cable here is so expensive if I wanted to watch french TV I would have to subscribe to the highest level (I only really watch ABC, NBC and PBS) and then on top of that pay additionally to watch TV5. I REFUSE. Maybe I should check with some of the younger folk around here to do it on my others above have mentioned. As you said, Walt, they are going to get us no matter what we do, it seems!

    Your photo is outstanding. Good coloring as if you directed the painting/rusting and chipping (hehehehe). Turquoise and orange are opposites or at least close to opposites on the color wheel and they are fascinating in this photo - I'm with Kristi on this one! I keep wanting to look at it again and again to get my fill of those color combos.


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