Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Playing with Photoshop

You all know that I use the Photoshop software package to do what they call "post-processing" of my photos. All that means is that I use the computer to crop and straighten and sometimes mess with the lighting and color aspects of my pictures. This time, I tried something new.

Rose hips.

I removed all the color except the red of the rose hips. I found out how to do it from a tutorial on the internet. I'm not sure it's the best picture for it, but the technique seemed to work.


  1. That is a fine pic for a "colour-pop"....
    lifts the hips out of the picture....
    and you've followed "The Rule of Thirds"...
    aka. "The Golden Rule"...
    the group of hips is right on!!
    Lovely... you could probably sell that as a print...
    very "designer"!!

  2. Very nice! I like the way you've sepia'd the background rather than b&w. Makes the whole photo lovely and warm.

  3. Have you tried the "waterlogue" app?

  4. Good work. I have tried to do the opposite with PhotoShop... Remove the red (from people's faces) and leave the rest intact. Your shot works especially well with the background out of the depth of field.

  5. Separating the colors like that really does focus the eye. I'll have to remember this photo when I get photoshop.


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