Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The other day, Callie and I walked through the artsy organized neighbor's land next to the vineyard. It's just a plot of land where he stores wood, old machinery, bits of metal, terracotta tiles, and old road signs. There's no house; I think he might live down in the bottom of the adjacent ravine, but I'm not at all sure. There are just piles of stuff here and there, including dirt and gravel.

Part of an old rusty piece of machinery parked under the trees next to the vineyard.

Today we're expecting a repair man to come by and look at our kitchen stove. The electric burner seems to be shorting out as it trips the main house breaker every time we turn it on (the stove has three gas burners and one electric burner). Using the oven has no effect on the breakers so we think it's just the burner. The repair man is from the company that made the stove and we're hopeful he'll know what to do to fix it.

We're planning to take this opportunity to move and clean behind and under the stove. I shudder to think what it looks like back there.


  1. that's different - 3 gas & 1 electric. why not all of one type, I wonder.

  2. " I shudder to think what it looks like back there. "
    Wear full body armour!!

  3. Great texture and color... in the photo that is. Hopefully not behind the stove.

  4. I hope the repairman will fix it right away.

  5. I would move to a new house rather than clean behind the stove.

  6. Anne Marie, read Ken's post today-- he explains the benefits of their having this dual heat source type stove.

    Walt, you and Ken are the only people I know who take out radiators to paint behind them, and who look forward to being able to clean under the stove when it's moved out of the way :) Good guys.

  7. p.s. great photo -- you can turn anything into an interesting photo!

  8. Hi, just found this blog for the 1st time, we only live up the road from you! Les Bucherons 1/2 way between Orbigny and Mareuil sur Cher.
    best regards for the coming yr, Michael

  9. anne marie, it's very convenient to have one electric for simmering.

    tim, and so I did.

    stuart, it was very close... ;)

    nadege, well, you know by now that he didn't. Ugh.

    carolyn, LOL!

    judy we can't be the only ones... !

    michael, hi! Where are you from and how long have you been there? If I may be so bold as to ask...


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