Saturday, January 11, 2014

Les mini galettes

After I made the first galette des rois on Monday, I had some puff pastry and some almond cream left over, so I thought I'd make some mini galettes. I used a scalloped cookie-cutter to make the disks, spooned some of the almond cream onto half of them, and sealed them with the other half.

A few of the mini-galettes. They were brushed with an egg wash before baking to make them shiny.

They baked up perfectly and we had about six more little galettes to enjoy. No fève in any of these, however.


  1. so WHO got the feve in the big one? (signed, dying to know)

    1. anne marie, oh, I thought I told you... it was me!

  2. I always think your nature photos are my favorites, but your pastry photos top even them. Of course I can see nature outside my window, but I'd be looking a long time before a mini-galette showed up out there.

  3. Have you ever made "vols-au-vent"? "Dying to know" always cracks me up!

  4. Walt, my students were very impressed when I showed them this year's galette. These look great, too!

  5. susan, and tasty, too!

    carolyn, these just "showed up" in my kitchen. Funny how that happens!

    nadege, I'm not sure I have, so it's something to try. I have made profiteroles, but that's another thing altogether.

    judy, cool!

    jean, and yummy!

  6. Oh yum! I made two galette de roi yesterday, inspired by you, for a party with one of my french clubs. The first turned out great, but then sunk; the second leaked some of the almond paste out. But both were good, and disappeared quickly at the fete. I think I will try the mini galettes with the leftover dough. By the way, Amal got two feves yesterday, so he was double roi!

  7. I could eat a few of these.


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