Monday, January 06, 2014

Scattered showers

That's today's forecast. In fact, it's the forecast for most of the week. The ground is saturated (again) and everywhere you step is squishy. Callie picks up a lot of mud and sand during her walks, especially because she likes to walk through puddles.

Gray skies, bare trees, and puddles.

January is a long month. The days are beginning to lengthen, although it's imperceptible at this point. There's not much that can be done outdoors, aside from trimming a small shrub and gathering up twigs and branches that have blown out of the trees. The hydrangeas that I propagated are doing well and are slowly growing new leaves.

Our week this week is filled with errands to run. One of us will be out in the car almost every day doing this and that. The 2014 tennis season is under way with tournaments mostly in the southern hemisphere (the exceptions being in Qatar and India) leading up to the Australian Open which starts next week.


  1. Walt...
    the juxtaposition of the last three sentences makes it look like you are getting the beer in!!

  2. Bonne Fête des Rois, alors! What is the fêve this year?

  3. That's a really nice panorama... love the subtle colors.

  4. At the other end of the globe we have showers forecast for this week too and, of course, our days are starting to shorten although there are still many hours of sunshine to enjoy.

  5. tim, the wine, at least.

    judy, thanks! It's a little ceramic pastry called "l'opéra."

    stuart, and it's a single shot, not a stitched together panorama.

    victor, and your temperatures are probably a little higher.


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