Sunday, September 21, 2014


Acorns are falling under the oaks now. I can tell because they crunch under foot. And Callie likes to eat one or two when we walk through a patch.

What a couple of nuts! They're just about ready to fall to the ground.

A thunderstorm rumbled by south of us last evening. We got a little rain, but not much. Callie got jumpy when the closest bolt lit up the windows and rattled the roof. That was the worst of it, thankfully.


  1. We have few oak trees around us but I'm on squirrel patrol as the walnuts are being to drop - and it looks like a good crop! Fortunately Mortimer (our labradoodle) hasn't worked out how to open them. Yet.

  2. Acorns are little works of art. In your photo the caps look like woven or knitted. Beautiful.

  3. I came home with 6 acorns from Canada hoping to grow them in pots. Alas, so far no such luck. I don't know how long it takes for acorns to germinate. Perhaps it is not possible in the Phoenix heat.

  4. sharon, the one walnut tree near us is dropping now, too, but the nuts are very small and not worth gathering.

    mitch, they're pretty in green, too!

    gosia, for sure!

    michael, I wonder if they need to over-winter?


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