Saturday, September 20, 2014

The bloom is off the rose

Almost. They're still blooming, and probably will through November. But somehow they look different from summer roses. For one thing, the flowers don't seem to last as long with the petals falling off very quickly this time of year. Then, wind and rain take their toll.

End of summer roses in a neighbor's garden. They're still pretty.

We drove through a doozy of a thunderstorm yesterday on our way to lunch with friends in Loches, a town about forty minutes south of us. We could see the dark clouds and crisp lightning bolts ahead of us as we drove, then it began to rain very hard and the car was pelted with small hail stones. It lasted less than ten minutes and the skies turned blue again. We were a little frazzled, but lunch (delicious!) calmed our nerves. The wine helped, too.


  1. I love roses. What a pity it is the end of summer

  2. A lot of the roses in this area have put on a late flush, like your neighbour's lovely rose. Chédigny, just north of Loches, is hosting one of the Journées de Patrimoine open days this weekend. It's a unique and beautiful village just bursting with roses. We prefer to visit on midweek days when it isn't so busy. There's a restaurant there too with a good reputation. Highly recommended!

  3. I'm wondering what you all had for lunch there!

    1. judy, I had a tarte au chèvre to start, then a tartare de bœuf with frites for the main course. Others had rabbit or fish or suprême de pintade. It was all good!

  4. I would love a thunderstorm, but not while I'm driving and no hail, thank you. (Did you see the Loches Monster, I wonder...)

    Yes, the roses are still pretty,

  5. scary! but at least you had a nice lunch!


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