Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Back to school

Most school kids in France head back to class today. Vacation time is officially over. That doesn't mean that people aren't still out there touring around. Plenty of Europeans, especially retirees, take advantage of the smaller crowds to enjoy touring around in September and October. And this year we're in luck, or at least this week, because the sun is shining and the temperatures are very pleasant.

Late summer sun shines through a small bunch of grapes.

As for me, I've got lots of garden chores lined up. We're still harvesting beans and tomatoes, which means processing them for preservation. Ken wants to go out and collect ripe plums that no one else is harvesting; more processing. I'm also planning to get my hedge trimming done this week. The tall hedges I save for the pros these days, but I still handle the lower hedges myself. I don't need a ladder to do those.


  1. Love the light thro' the grapes in this pic!
    Very atmospheric....
    but I can't understand why I am suddenly feeling thirsty?

  2. hey tim, I'll raise a glass o wine with you!

  3. September is a nice month but I must come back school . What a pity.


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