Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Funky feline fotos

As you would expect, the days are getting shorter and cooler now. Bert the cat is taking every opportunity to bask in the sun. Yesterday he hopped up onto the deck table for a snooze. He only turned his head around when I didn't have the camera.

Lounging around on the deck, watching for birds under the front hedge below.

He's gotten into a new morning pattern, too. He usually is waiting out on the deck for Ken to come downstairs. Callie stays up in the loft while Bert eats his breakfast (wet food and some milk). Then, when I come downstairs, Bert will head for the door and I follow him down to the garage and give him a kibble refill. Then, when he's had enough, he heads outdoors again. I often see him hunting by the pond or sitting in the road watching us when I head out for the morning walk with Callie.


  1. does bert come inside the house for the winter? what a handsome boy!

  2. I see that he has trained both of you very well!

  3. Your cat is a nice creature and wise one.

  4. anne marie, nope. He's an outdoor kitty, just coming in early in the morning for breakfast and to warm up next to the radiator or on Ken's lap. His bed and kibble and water are in the garage, to which he has access year round. Our winters aren't harsh at all.

    judy, I'm going to miss sitting out there when the weather changes.

    evelyn, we're easy.

    gosia, :)


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