Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Parting shot

Just before I left the church of Saint-Martin in Ligueil, I noticed this chair near the door and the faint colors made on the wall by the sun shining through a stained glass window high above. I almost didn't take the picture, but now I'm kind of glad that I did.

Notice the holy water. Not an ash tray.

On Tuesday I spent a good hour or more digging up a patch of irises that had taken over the path from our garden gate to the garden shed. For years now, I've been walking over the grass to get to the shed. It took a garden fork, a large spade, a lot of sweat, and not a little swearing, but I cleared most of it away. The irises are mixed in with a plant the previously owner called saxifrage and together they had knit a tight root mass in the pathway.

I plan on putting the irises in another spot. They grow easily if they're just tossed on the ground; no need to actually plant them. The saxifrage (I'm not even sure that's what it is; I can't find an image of the plant we have when I look it up on the internet) is going into the compost (or into the woods). We have enough of that in the garden and I'm not particularly fond of it. I should post a picture; some of you may recognize it. Update: Ken reminded me that it's bergenia, indeed a member of the saxifrage family, also called "elephant's ears."

I'll finish the job up this morning.


  1. I remember being told when I was a young, devout Catholic (therefore about 50-60 years ago) that in Latin America - and specifically Mexico, I think - it was not unusual to see members of the congregation actually smoking DURING Mass. I recall being horrified at the thought of what would surely be sacrilege. Whether it was said to shock or wind me up, or there really was some truth in it I can't say - though if it was reality then the holy water trough (I think there's a special name for it, which I've forgotten) probably was indeed used as an ashtray - through 'convenience' or deliberate mischief.

  2. Walt,I'd like some, please, for a maintenance 'free' shaded area bed that I am planting up....
    just a little potted up will act as a good starter for me.... it spreads like gawd knows what.
    We can work out how to get it later...

  3. @raybeard - the holy water font
    (says the ex-catholic)
    although an ashtray would be a better use

    1. I'm showing my dotage, A.M. (Though I knew 'baptismal font'.) My memory's started crumbling like a ill-constructed wall.

  4. Whew, kudos to you on finishing that big job!

  5. So glad you took the photo. With your skill and eye, you should trust yourself to never pass up an opportunity.

    I love elephant's ears but they sure can take over. I admire your fortitude (and don't share it)... which is why I live in an apartment!

  6. I love that kind of colored light in churches. Thanks for the posting of it.

  7. Holy water Batman ! That is really cool.

  8. Un signe du "Seigneur" pour qu'on n'oublie pas ses "oeuvres" et qu'on y mette une obole ;-) ??!!!

  9. Saxifrage ou "désespoir du peintre"...


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