Friday, September 05, 2014

I went somewhere

This past Monday, Ken had an errand to do in a town called Ligeuil, just south of Loches. It's about forty minutes from home by car. I tagged along with my camera and took pictures in town while Ken was busy. It's not often that I go someplace new these days. I've been through Ligeuil before, but never stopped to look around.

Sculptures of what look like sheep flank the main façade of the Eglise Saint-Martin in Ligueil.

It's a nice little town of about 2,000 people. I was surprised by how many grand old houses lined the streets in the center of town. The parish church of Saint-Martin is on the main street through town right next to the market street which, though small, was active on Monday morning. The current church building was constructed between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. It was renovated in the 1800s.


  1. So many churches of Saint Martin and so little time. You got a good shot of this one. Sounds like a charming little town there.

  2. Ligueil is a bustling little town and can be a traffic bottleneck. There's now the beginnings of a bi-pass road.
    I nearly booked us in for lunch at the hotel Le Colombier. We've never been and the menu looks good. Unfortunately they were closing for a week on Sept 1st! We'll definitely give it a try when they're back from their annual jollies.

  3. It is said that Australia's wealth was built on the sheep's back. Maybe the wealth of Ligeuil was also.

  4. Very interesting, the sheep sculptures. I imagine you'll be seeing a bit more of this town in the future;)

  5. You are surrounding by so much beauty and history. So glad that you can still find surprises.


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