Saturday, September 27, 2014

The harvest continues

The harvesters arrived on Friday morning even before the sun came up. By the time Ken went out for his walk with Callie, there were two harvesters plying the vine rows out back. I readied the camera for a snap or two and got this one just as Ken and Callie were getting back home. Just after I took this first picture, the guys emptied the grapes from the harvester into the waiting trailer. I missed that shot.

I took this picture on the fly. Hand-held, telephoto lens, through the window. Not too bad, eh?

A few moments later, the trailer full of sauvignon blanc grapes drove past the kitchen window. I changed lenses and nearly missed this shot of the grapes on their way to the winery. We'll be seeing a lot of this in the next weeks. The whole red grape crop is still out there. Once the right sugar levels are reached, and the weather is right, they'll be brought in, too.

A truckload of sauvignon blanc headed to the winery.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I also like summer, spring, and winter. Still, there is something about fall with the harvest, the turning of the leaves, the crisp air, and all the food that goes with it, that I really enjoy. Life is good!


  1. wonder how many bottles of wine from that load of grapes? and how long before the wine is sold to customers?

  2. This is my favorite of all your pictures over the years....the blue truck, the green grapes, the pink flowers across the street, red hydrant, OCD hedge across the street, your hedge with the orphans sticking up, trees in various colors, and looks like the sun just beginning to come up. What a wonderful picture of rural French life. Thanks.

  3. It is indeed a marvelous time of year. I so miss the seasons; here in AZ it is mostly about the position of the sun, not the colour or rituals.

  4. The 'snapped' photograph has a beautiful composition and just sums up autumn. I love the turn of the seasons but welcome autumn particularly. There's a softness in the air you only get at this time of year and I can get back into the kitchen for some real cooking!

  5. anne marie, hmmm, good question. The wine won't be ready until next spring.

    jacquie, thanks!

    christine, :)

    ron, do you like wine?

    michael, but you have those lovely dust storms.

    sharon, I'd appreciate it even more had we had a hot summer, but this was not the year.


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