Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Old books

This is an old book shop in the historic center of Loches. I think the adjective "old" refers to the books, not the shop. Clearly, the books look old. And the store is called La Mémoire du Temps (Memory of Time). I don't know what Le Crucalire means, although lire means "to read." The rest of it is beyond me. Maybe some of you know. UPDATE! Ken figured it out. It's not a "c" but a "t." So it's Le Trucalire, or le truc à lire... something to read. D'oh!

What was once a door is now part of the display window in the book shop.

You may remember that we were in Loches last week for lunch, especially if you read Ken's blog. We arrived a little early to be sure we could park the car and get to our rendez-vous on time. So we had a few minutes to walk around the old center of town. We haven't been to Loches in a while, especially in the lower town. The big attraction is the old medieval town on the heights, with it's fortified donjon, renaissance château, and historic church. But the lower town is just as impressive, even if it's got a fair share of cute shops geared to us tourists. They also have a very nice street market twice a week.


  1. who DOESN'T read ken's blog? ;-)

    I like the re-purposed door (with an old fashioned mail slot)!

  2. Love those store fronts :)
    (Good sleuthing, Ken :)

  3. Think the book shop has been there for years and years. It was there when we first visited Loches in the early 1990's. Don't think some of the books on display have ever changed ;-)

  4. Love the photo, love books too.

  5. Vous n'aviez pas le temps de «monter au créneau» du château?


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