Friday, September 12, 2014


Once I left the church in Ligueil, I wandered around town a little. It's not big, but I certainly didn't explore every nook and cranny. In all, I spent about an hour walking around.

A window, a tunnel, and a door.

Our good weather continues. The mornings are a little fresh, but the days warm up nicely and we're able to work outside. On Thursday, Ken got most of the irises I had dug up trimmed and planted in a new spot out back. I worked on preparing the carport for this winter's firewood. That meant breaking up the twigs and branches I use for kindling and stacking them up, trimming up all the ivy that snaked its way into the space, and raking up dead leaves and last winter's sawdust for the compost pile.


  1. Is there always a little dread at the approaching winter? As you may dread, we are seeing signs of life. Early bloomings have happened. Trees are budding up. Before we know it, I will be complaining about the heat instead of the cold.

    1. andrew, not much dread, no. It doesn't get bitterly cold here like it can back where I come from. Our grass stays green all winter and we don't get much snow (none at all last winter). I kind of like the change of seasons, but being so far north, we don't get much light during the winter. I don't know how the British stand that seeing that they're even farther north than we are. I should look up Melbourne to see where you are in latitude...

  2. How great for you to have nice weather, finally. Working outside when the weather is nice can be a pleasure :)

  3. needs renovation but lovely

  4. Love them! Doors and portals are loaded with archetypal energies.


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