Monday, September 01, 2014

Periodic puppy pics

You may recognize the location. It's out near the end of our walk, where the dirt road joins up with the paved roads through the vineyards. On this day we made a loop, cutting through the vines up to one of the paved roads, then followed it out to this point where I turned back onto the dirt road. Callie took a shortcut through a small field by the vines and watched as I made my longer turn.

Mademoiselle attend son maître.

Callie has been walking these routes for over seven years now and she knows her way around the vineyards. She's so patient with me when she takes me I take her for a walk.


  1. I think I can hear her tapping her paw on the ground.

  2. A lovely, late-summer shot...
    you were right tho' before the strike-through...
    her look is one of questioning and bordering on intolerance...
    "Why hasn't he followed me...
    Why does he always insist on going his own route...
    after seven years, he hasn't yet realised...
    that I'M the sheepdog...
    I'M showing....
    no, telling him...
    which way to go!!"

  3. Lovely picture, lovely dog, lovely view.

  4. Salut, Walt. T'as acheté un nouveau cartable pour demain?

  5. stuart, yeah, I heard it, too. ;)

    tim, she does like to lead, but she doesn't mind following, either.

    pauline, :)

    judy, yup.

    dean, I refuse to go!


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