Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Work to do

I'm trying to be productive during this spell of wonderful weather. On Tuesday I harvested another batch of green beans and another basket full of tomatoes. The blight has taken only about half of our tomato crop, so we still have some fruit to work with. Then I got started on hedge trimming. I got one of three sections done and plan on trimming a second section today. The third will get done tomorrow. I also need to prepare for cutting the grass again by picking up fallen apples and removing a good number of mole hills.

A slug feasts away on a toppled mushroom in the vineyard.

One consequence of the wet summer we've had is the proliferation of mushrooms everywhere. Our yard is no exception, with several varieties popping up all over. Most of them are not edible, but we will not be taking any chances. The mushrooms we eat come from the market. What's that old joke? "All mushrooms are edible. Once."


  1. wonder if that slug is one of sluggy's [] relatives?

  2. Amazing photo. My poor brother won't eat any mushrooms no matter where they come from having heard the phrase "poison mushrooms" when he was around 7.

  3. We're lucky to have neighbors who know where to find cepes in the forest of Amboise. And fortunately, they are very generous in their sharing of them... unfortunately, they're not telling where their spots are ! We're looking forward to the first "harvest" this fall.

  4. I am glad to hear there are some toms left.


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