Sunday, September 14, 2014

Peugeot in pink

I saw this bicycle on the street in Ligueil when I was wandering around the center of town a couple of weeks ago. Here in the countryside, most people will just lean their bikes up against a wall while they run into a store or a bank. I seldom see them locked up. I'm sure that in larger towns cyclists use locks, but they're a rarer sight here.

A single-speed bike, with fenders! I think I see a lock under the seat, but it doesn't look like it's attached to anything but the bike.

I mentioned to the bread lady a day or so ago that I was enjoying our run of summery weather. "Ça va mal finir," she said. "It's going to end badly." She was talking about the forecast for the coming week: higher temperatures and then thunderstorms. We shall see.


  1. an old-fashioned bicycle! hopefully it had a proper bell on it.

    nice to see that some people still have morals about not taking what is not yours.

    and I would like to taste the wine from some of those grapes in the upper right.

  2. Thunderstorms (in my opinion) is never a bad ending.

  3. Such a very "French" image! As for thunderstorms, like Spo, I love them. But then we almost never have them. I would love to see some rain. It's been months!

  4. We've had strong, sudden thunderstorms several times over the past two weeks. I love them, except when they bring super high winds and knock down huge limbs, or full trees... which seems to happen quite a bit around here.
    (Lovely photo :) )

  5. I would like to have it. Where can I buy it?

  6. I use my lock when I go to the BricoMarché in Amboise, but I feel like it's really not necessary. I guess I've spent too much time in cities.

  7. anne marie, I do see a proper bell on the handlebars when I enlarge the photo. Find a bottle of sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley (Touraine) and you can taste those grapes!

    michael, so long as they're not too violent... ;)

    mitch, before September, we were saying just the opposite: I would love to see some sun, it's been months!

    judy, I agree. Strong storms are amazing, but scary.

    gosia, good question!

    stuart, you can take the boy out of the city...


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