Monday, September 08, 2014


This is a section of the rather imposing sculpted high altar in the church of Saint-Martin in Ligueil. I don't know if it is made from plaster or wood, but the carvings and painting are quite elaborate. The church doors were open on the Monday that I was in town and I wandered in with my camera. There was not a soul (!) in the place, and I could hear echos of the market activity from the street outside.

Lots of golds, reds, and blues with intense white light from the windows. Amazing for a church in a town of 2,000 people.

I spent no more than five minutes in the church, walking from the transept where I entered, through the nave and out the main door on the west front. The sun was shining through the windows and I was able to take these shots without a tripod. Still, I had to open the aperture up wide and use a seriously fast ISO setting. I have a few more interior photos to share over the next few days.


  1. "There was not a soul (!) in the place" - bwhahahahahaha!

  2. Wow! Would love to know if it's plaster or wood. Don't know why it looks like carved wood to me.


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