Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More harvesting

After Monday morning's rain, the harvesters got busy again. I saw two of them during my walk with Callie, and heard a third not far away. And they continued through the day. I think they are still working on the sauvignon blanc.

The yellow tractor vibrates the grapes off the vine and collects them in those white bins on either side. When the bins are full, they get dumped into the waiting blue trailer, then off to the winery they go.

We're expecting a dry week ahead, so I think that's good news for the harvest. I wonder when they'll start bringing in the red grapes?


  1. To me, it's such a magical process (to them, I'm sure, it's just work). I felt the same way about the orange harvest in the city of Sevilla.

  2. mitch, I'm happy with the result. ;)


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