Friday, September 19, 2014

Harvest time

I've noticed in the last two days that there is some hand-harvesting going on in select parcels of the vineyards. It's that time of year. I ran into the mayor yesterday and she told me that the machine harvesting will begin today. So, for the next couple of weeks, we will hear the familiar hum of the harvesters as they gather this year's grapes. Let's hope it's a good year!

More sauvignon blanc, just about ripe for the picking.

She also mentioned that there will be a fox hunt out back again this Sunday. All that means for me is that I have to get out with Callie early in the morning to avoid getting tangled up with the hounds and the guys with guns. General small game hunting starts up next weekend, but they only hunt on Sundays, and don't start until nine in the morning, so it's not at all an inconvenience for us.

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