Thursday, May 04, 2017

Callie time

Callie still gets her two walks a day, alone with one of us. Tasha is too small to do the kind of walks we do with Callie, at least for now. And that's a good thing, at least for now. The daily walks are important and are a part of Callie's routine that she doesn't have to share with the new puppy. At least for now.

A morning walk under threatening skies. Callie (on the left) waits for me to take the picture.

We had rain off and on for most of the day on Wednesday. We were lucky on our walk to be in a lull. I usually don't take the camera out if it's going to rain, but I needed some new photos!


  1. Pretty soon, Callie will be excited to have her new little buddy along for the walk :)

  2. I love the perspective of this photo and Callie looks like she's in her element.

  3. Good that Callie has time on her own with you.
    When we first had our second Lab. pup, I used to zip him up in my coat, and walk him with older dog. We didn't feel like leaving him at home alone, even for a short time.

  4. I'm glad someone is more particular about the photos he takes and shares. I'm never short of photos -- new AND old!

  5. Glad it's all going so well........even if there are a few,"at least for nows" in your post. Haha

  6. judy, we sure hope so!

    evelyn, she certainly is. It's her realm.

    coppa's girl, I know what you mean. But for now, one of us is always home with the pup.

    mitch, :)

    sue, nothing is constant but change...


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