Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Back to normal

Ken made it home pretty easily, even though there was a little glitch that delayed his train. But it worked out all right because I took a wrong turn and was late getting to the station. Tasha was happy to see him and now things are back to normal at home, except for some jet lag.

Another autumn view among the grape vines.

We're expecting a couple days of nice weather, compared to the last couple of days of overcast and drizzle. I'm planning to take advantage of the weather and barbecue steaks for lunch today. I'm also getting a haircut this morning.


  1. Glad the family is all together again.

  2. I'm getting a haircut today, too, in case you wanted to know ;)

  3. I'm having my toenails cut on Sat.- at a price. (Just one of the indignities of ageing!)

  4. I love the yellow vines. Our color hasn't started yet here in Alabama.

  5. Such a difference in the vineyard colors in just a few weeks.
    Glad all is back to normal à votre maison.


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