Thursday, April 26, 2018


The seeds I planted are coming up, mostly. This year I planted five varieties of tomato: cœur de bœuf, homestead 24, corazon, yellow perfection, and fireball. They've all sprouted, some better than others. My plan is to put five of each variety into the garden in May.

Tomatoes on the left, squashes on the right.

I also have zucchini, potimarron (red kuri squash), and a large red pumpkin. Not to mention Swiss chard. For herbs, I've planted more chervil and some chives. Soon I'll put in some cilantro. This year I put some radishes into planter boxes to see how that works. When I plant them in the ground, they do well except that the snails and slugs like to nibble on them. Soon I'll plant some basil seeds for the greenhouse. I love spring!


  1. I love spring best, but it's pretty messy here with the pollen and flower gunk. Your greenhouse is so nice.

  2. This is wonderful! And it really does finally look like spring there. Here today it looked like summer.

  3. judy, :)

    evelyn, we're in pollen season, too. It's covering everything.

    mitch, so, lots of mis-matched plaid? ;)


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