Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Artichoke's last stand

Those Jerusalem artichokes planted next to our garden shed are still brilliant yellow. It won't be long until the flowers wither, especially if we have a cold snap. The taller flower stalks are top-heavy and some have fallen over already. But they're still nice.

Jerusalem artichoke flower, close up.

Ken and I got a lot of stuff done on Tuesday. I finished cutting the "grass" both in the yard and out along our road. Ken did a bunch of trimming and finished pruning the rosemary. There is still a lot to do before winter, but I think we're in good shape.

They're almost blocking the door into the shed. And you can see another patch of them peeking out from behind the left side.

This string of nice days we've been having is expected to continue, but with some rain later this afternoon. If it rains and stays warm, I may have to cut the grass again toward the end of the month. According to my records (yes, I keep records), the latest I've cut the grass is 27 November, back in 2013.


  1. Lots of rain here in the past 24 hours. Glorious. Just like the garden shed in bloom.

  2. Very happy looking...Do you ever eat the chokes from your plants? From anything?

  3. mitch, our forecast rain was more or less a sprinkle. Not much.

    thickethouse, I don't think this variety makes tubers big enough to harvest and eat. We buy 'em in the markets.


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