Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tasha Tuesday

I was trying to get Tasha and Bert together. It was a nice scene. But as soon as I got the camera, Tasha decided to jump around. So I got Bert by himself (you saw that last week), and Tasha by herself. Here she is, looking at whatever Bert was looking at out the window.

Tasha is looking out the window. Bert is right behind her head, but you can't seem him.

Tasha always gets excited when I get the camera. I think that she associates it with going for a walk, since I often get the camera ready when we get ready to go outside. Dogs are smart that way. Stupid dogs.


  1. A Pavlovian response with the camera, then.

  2. I love your finish. Dogs are smart that way. Stupid dogs. Dudo poses when he sees the camera. Moose turns his back.

  3. I've never yet had a dog that would look at the camera. They always turn away. No idea why.
    Am laughing over yesterday's grammar spat about hyphens. But it did make me more aware of them, so now I am paying strict attention.

  4. Oh those dogs! what would be do without them?


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