Thursday, October 25, 2018

Your guess is as good as mine

I saw this painted over a little window on the side of a house. I wonder what goes on in there? I think I know what doesn't.

Don't even think about it.

I went to bed around 21h30 last night and got up at 07h15.  That's nearly ten hours. Of course, I didn't sleep the whole time. Some tossing, some turning, some getting up and walking around the house. I was waking up every hour for a while, and each time I looked at the clock it was a quarter after the hour. I saw 00h15, 01h15, and 02h15, that I remember.


  1. "NO kiss" is art, obviously!

  2. That “art” is so curious. Do t you hate those wakeful nights? And the timing is often peculiar. Body clock?

  3. Does too much seafood cause insomnia?


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