Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall back

This weekend we'll move our clocks back one hour. That means it will be getting dark earlier in the evening. At least it will get light a little earlier in the morning, for a short while. The news people are hinting that this might be the last time, that daylight saving time (called "summer time" in Europe) might be going away soon. We'll see. I'm convinced that for all the people who complain about changing the clocks now, we will hear from just as many people who wish we still did. Mark my words.

An old door.

And the weather people are telling us that this weekend will bring a change in the weather from the nice warm days we've been having to more seasonal weather. That means dropping temperatures and (gasp!) rain. I may have to fire up the wood burner next week!


  1. Hi Walt, I think they came to the conclusion that standard time will be on the way out and we will stay on summer time -- in France, that's 2 hours ahead of the sun! They figure that we appreciate the longer daylight at the end of the day and I agree that we don't mind, too much, it getting light a bit later in the morning, since, in winter, no matter what time we start our day, it's dark anyway. I don't know when they plan on putting this into effect, though.

    1. The reason France is already an hour ahead of the sun is W.W.II, when Germany put France in its time zone.

  2. I so hope this is the last time we change the clocks. And I also hope Spain gets in synch with the correct time zone... AND I love the photo!

  3. I did a Silly Survey in my HOA and the first question was do you like daylight savings time. It took the most time for people to answer and I was amazed that 62 percent answered yes! My personal feeling is that you can't change Mother Nature's time and it is disrupting to be "changing" it twice a year plus the "reason" for it no longer applies. Guess I don't understand why people still want it.

  4. If there's a permanent time change in the EU, will it be this year, or perhaps next?
    Wonderful picture today.


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