Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wild hips

I see a lot of wild rose hips out in the margins of the vineyard plots this time of year. They are a brilliant red, one of the few reds we get in the fall. I remember the first year we were here, after having spent nearly eighteen years in urban northern California, I was impressed by the rose hips. I picked a bunch and put them in a glass bowl as a fall decoration. They were pretty for a while, then they started to rot. So much for that.

Eglantine (wild rose, also called sweet briar) hips.

This morning is our appointment for the refuse people to come and take away two objets encombrants (trash too big for regular pickup). One of the items is our old barbecue grill, the other is a metal and plexiglass awning that we had over the back door before the greenhouse was installed. It will be nice to have those things out of the garage.

Tasha got a nice grooming on Tuesday. She looks a little smaller. But all the knots and tangles in her fur are gone, at least for now, and she smells nice. I have to do a better job of keeping her brushed between visits. Jeez, it's just like the dentist!


  1. Does Tasha feel the same about the groomer as you do about the dentist?

  2. Aha, rose hips. My primary school gave us regular dollops of rose-hip syrup to have with a milk pudding at lunch: someone realised just in time for WW2 that rosehips have a high Vitamin C content, so they organised collection schemes to supplement the rations, and the supply carried on for quite a few years afterwards.

  3. Savez-vous que vous pouvez faire de la confiture de cynorhodons (appelés aussi gratte-cul). Cela ressemble un peu à la confiture de châtaigne.

  4. mitch, but I like the dentist.

    judy, patience! :)

    autolycus, it's amazing how hardship often leads to interesting discoveries. Did it taste good?

    christiane, je savais que l'on peut faire cette confiture, mais je ne l'ai jamais goûté.

    1. oui c'est un peu comme de la crème de marron mais plus acidulée...


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