Monday, October 08, 2018

More fall color

We don't get as many brilliant reds as some places do. Certain grape varietals show red leaves in the fall, as do some ornamental trees and shrubs in people's yards. Mostly we see bright yellows and oranges this time of year. These wild blackberries, however, put on a vivid scarlet display.

Watch out for the thorns.

We're back to sunny and relatively warm days, at least for a while. So I'm planning to run the lawnmower over the ground this week. There's not much grass to cut, but the weeds sent their flower stalks up all over the place. I just want to tidy it up a little.


  1. I miss those colors. Don’t miss the fall. Drizzle here tonight. Good rain tomorrow all day. Or so they say.

  2. Interesting that you don't miss the fall, Mitchell.

  3. I agree with your political comment, Walt.

  4. don't leave France...the US has become.....well, I don't know even how to describe it....this past week has been so disheartening & depressing & horrifying all rolled into one. (one huge orange person)

  5. May I ask what brand, type, of camera and lens that You used to take the photograph. Thanks

  6. mitch, they're telling us rain is coming our way on Wednesday.

    judy, I enjoy fall here. It reminds me of fall in upstate NY. Not at all like California.

    sheila, chm, :)

    melinda, no plans to leave at the moment.

    tommy, sure! The current camera is a Canon 6D. For this shot I used the Canon 50mm prime lens, 1/125s, f4.5.

    1. Thanks Sir... i appreciate the response and the answer.. i am thinking about the purchase of a 6d mark II


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