Monday, October 01, 2018

It's October

And, all of a sudden. September flew by. Maybe it felt that way because we got the new gate installed, took Tasha to the vet with a sprained foot, shopped for and replaced our broken dishwasher, and started to clean up the vegetable garden. That's a lot of extra activity for us.

The leaves on these sauvignon blanc grape vines are starting to go yellow. The grapes are gone.

I'm still enjoying the bbq. Last week we grilled chicken breasts, turkey kabobs, and just yesterday, hamburgers. Today's glamorous French countryside agenda includes a trip to the dump. Don't be jealous!


  1. And it suddenly looks like autumn there. Here, still looking like summer... except for the sunrises.

  2. If going to the dump in France is like it is in New England, that's a fun outing. Lots of New England towns have recycling buildings or areas where people leave off books and various items, sort of a swap-shop.

  3. mitch, it feels like autumn, too. I'll bet it still feels like summer there. Except maybe for fewer crowds.

    emm, not much swapping going on at our dump. But you should see the junk, er, stuff at all the flea markets through the year.


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