Sunday, October 07, 2018


If this were my tree, I would have cut those suckers off early in the spring. But the tree stands out in the vineyard, so it does what it does with little, if any, human intervention. The grape growers have other things to deal with. The tree has grown a lot since we moved here over fifteen years ago.

The tree at sunrise. Suckers grow from low on the trunk. I think the tree would look better without them.

We did hear some rain over night, but I haven't been outside to check the gauge. The sun won't be up for another hour as I write this. It didn't seem like it rained very hard or for very long, though.


  1. The tree looks rather hirsute. I too vote for removing the suckers

  2. Walt, just so I understand, are suckers like parasites?

  3. I was always told that the suckers drain off growth energy from the larger plant. You should sneak out there with clippers some dark night . . .

  4. michael, noted.

    elgee, no, they're just the tree itself, branching out, as it were.

    emm, yeah, like I'm going to do that. There are wild things out there at night!! ;)

  5. Oh yeah, I’d have cleaned those suckers too!


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