Tuesday, October 09, 2018


As the earth moves closer to the winter solstice, the sun's arc across the sky gets shallower here in the northern hemisphere. In other words, the sun doesn't get very high in the sky these days. That makes for long shadows and the feeling that the sun (when it's not cloudy) is always in my eyes. But the low sunbeams make their way into the house and light up the colorful candle cups on this table, for a few minutes anyway.

A little morning color in the living room.

I got the largest part of the back yard mowed on Monday. Today I'll finish up. It didn't look too bad before I started, but once I got it cut I could really see the difference. The yard always looks better when it looks like someone is taking care of it.


  1. Love this photo. The slanted rays this time of year can make driving difficult.

  2. judy, good eye!

    evelyn, that's for sure!

  3. I just really enjoy seeing the table arrangement and the colors in the candle holders. And yes, like Judy, when I saw the photo of Callie - awww! Happy memories of all those walks and play times.

    Mary in Oregon


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