Thursday, October 11, 2018

Late harvest

The grape harvest is still going on, slowly. I guess that lack of bad weather (rain) is allowing the grapes to develop on the vine a little longer. I noticed some red grapes were being picked yesterday in one of the parcels near the house. These are white grapes, either sauvignon or chenin, still waiting for harvest. The resulting wine will be sweeter, and will likely be used for a special "late harvest" wine or blended with other varietals into sparkling wine.

I wish I had noticed that grass stem on the left before I took the photo. I'm not above pulling things like that out for the picture.

It did rain a little on Wednesday evening. Tasha and I got wet during our walk, but as soon as we got home it all stopped. Figures. I was awake around eleven last night and saw lightning in the sky, but I heard no thunder.


  1. As far as that grass stem is concerned, it is not too late, you can still remove it with Photoshop. Et voilà!

  2. I like the reality of that little piece of grass.

  3. When I studied Advertising, my professor pointed out that many ads had either someone pointing to the printed slogan or there was an inanimate object (your blade of grass!) that was like a pointer to direct the eye of the viewer to the most important part of the ad! Sooo - I saw your photo and my eye went right to the bruised or very ripe grapes!
    Worked for me!

    Mary in Oregon

  4. I like the grass stem. It adds a geometrical component. Nice picture. And as Mary said above, it acts as a pointer.

  5. Great Photograph.... and btw.. my canon 6d mark ii came in today... thanks for the advise I appreciate it very much

  6. chm, I'm too lazy! lol

    mitch, thanks!

    sillygirl, I prefer to think of it as an "alternative fact." ;)

    mary, interesting... I wish I could say that I had thought of it that way!

    emm, :)

    tommy, cool.


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