Friday, October 19, 2018

Funky feline fotos

It's been a while since Bert last agreed to a photo shoot. He's just so blasé that way. Cats. Well, here he is earlier this week, contemplating the great outdoors from the comfort of the living room. He has been enjoying the freedom to spend time in the house. He and Tasha get along so well that they've begun napping together on the foot of the bed in the mornings. On my legs.

At over twelve years old, Bert's a senior citizen now.

They share their water bowls, too. We've stopped giving Bert his own water dish. He prefers Tasha's. We even catch him munching on her kibble if she leaves some behind. Silly cat. Of course, Tasha will scarf down Bert's breakfast in a flash if he's not vigilant. Our lives have certainly changed since Callie passed away last year. No more closed doors and toddler gates to keep the animals apart. I never knew it could be like this.


  1. So glad it turned out this way. Four content animals at your house. Dudo lives the camera. Moose wants to kill it.

  2. so happy to read this....yes cats & dogs can get along....helps if they grow up together...glad Mr B can be in more in the he knows the good life

  3. Bert is looking mighty fine. So wonderful that he is enjoying his home and has a friend in Tasha.

  4. That's certainly a wonderful thing to hear :)

  5. Does Tasha ever chase other cats when you're walking or is she a total cat lover? Twelve years doesn't seem so old. We had two cats that lived into their mid-twenties.

  6. Bert is such a handsome cat. His ears look like they have a few battle scars but that adds to his beauty. I'm so glad that you're enjoying the companionship that he and Tasha share, it's how it should be. Long may it last.

  7. mitch, Tasha wants to sniff it, or run away. Depends on her mood.

    melinda, I think the key was that Bert was bigger than Tasha at the beginning. ;)

    paul, it's a nice change from before.

    raybeard, :)

    judy, yes!

    diane, I think she'll chase anything that moves!

    jean, he does have his battle scars, and many of them date back to before we got him.

  8. This is a happy tale. It's funny how animals like the other's food. Our poodles preferred cat food.

  9. sweet boy! glad he and tasha get along well together!


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