Saturday, October 13, 2018

On the ground

This seed pod is from an acacia tree. I assume it's from an acacia tree since the only other tree in the vicinity is a walnut, and that ain't no walnut. The stand of trees grows along a small stream bed that drains a section of the vineyards out back. It's a favorite haunt of the local chevreuils (roe deer), who wander out into the adjacent vines to munch on grape flowers in the spring. When they see Tasha and me approach, they disappear back into the woods. If she sees them, Tasha will give chase, barking wildly, until she loses them. I hate when that happens.

The leaves are also from the acacia trees.

This morning our neighbor will be buried next to his wife in the village cemetery. Our neighbor from Blois said she is coming down to attend the brief ceremony. Another neighbor who lives full time in Paris is also planning to come down, along with her mother. The daughter grew up in the house next door to Mr. B., and still owns it. I'm certain that the mayor, also a neighbor, will be there to say something on behalf of the village. Ken and I are planning to go, too.


  1. Another work of art. You and Mother Nature!

  2. oh the pain! We have mesquite trees that drop these en masse and clutter up the yards what looks like dog-droppings

  3. Wonderful picture, although the seedpod looks as if it's cardboard.
    Sorry you lost another neighbor, but how nice that other residents will turn out for him, too.

  4. You live in a caring neighborhood.

  5. mitch, she works harder than I do.

    michael, that sounds quite messy. Do people rake them up?

    emm, these things happen. Turns out he had lung cancer and didn't know it until the very end.

    evelyn, :)


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