Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Like buttah

This isn't butter. It's potimarron (red kuri squash) that's been cut, peeled, and cubed for a recent recipe. I really need to get out and take some more photos. It's chilly this morning, and the heat came on. I did get to the dump on Monday. We loaded the car with some stuff that's been sitting in the garage for a while, along with our normal recycling, and I drove over at ten when the dump opened. It wasn't crowded and I was able to toss our stuff into the appropriate dumpsters (cardboard, metal, furniture, small appliances, electronics, etc.) without waiting. When I was putting empty wine bottles into the glass recycling bin, another guy was doing the same. He smiled at me and said, "Qu'est-ce qu'on peut boire, eh ?" Can we drink or what?

Looks like butter, but it's squash.

The big news here now is the death of Charles Aznavour. He was 94 years old and still singing. I'm sure that most people of a certain age around the world knew who he was. It's going to be all Aznavour on television for the next couple of days. And the funeral will probably be a big event.


  1. I discovered -and started to appreciate- Charles Aznavour 54 years ago and his voice has always been around in my home: what a great singer; he learned me also to appreciate the French language. Glad I saw him live once. RIP Monsieur Aznavour.

  2. Jerry’s been talking Aznavour too. He saw him on the Cape in ‘79 and he made quite an impact.

  3. 94! And, I heard that he was still set to go out on tour!


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