Thursday, October 18, 2018

Early autumn view

This is the scene out the back window right now. The vineyard is getting more yellows and golds with each passing day. You can see that I got the grass cut. The hedges aren't trimmed yet, but that will happen soon, even though there is not a lot of growth this year, it's been so dry.

Looking toward the west at sunrise.

When that tree fell outside our yard the other day, it got me thinking about our big apple tree. You can see part of its trunk just to the right of the green hose in the photo. That trunk is quite hollow in the middle and there are cracks on both sides of it. One good gust of wind in the right direction will probably bring it, or a good part of it, down. Then we'll have a mess on our hands. And there's another smaller apple out by the gate that is not long for this world. Oh well. Apple wood makes good firewood.


  1. We’re experiencing autumn winds and rain and trees are sure to be blown or broken. The Ciy plants a type of tamarind that doesn’t do well in the wind. They must have an overstock. One comes down. Another goes in... eventually.

  2. Such a peaceful scene... it beckons a cup of coffee...with real cream...and a slight chill in the air

    1. Agreed, but you're forgetting the crackling fireplace. And you know what? They've got it all! ;)

      Nice picture, Walt! It's deinitely starting to look (and feel) autumny outside.

  3. That's such an evocative view. I imagine you setting off on the yellow brick road for adventures . . .

  4. mitch, and we're not experiencing it, yet. Very strange, but I'm enjoying the warm days.

    tommy, the chill is very slight right now. But the coffee's good!

    elgee, thanks! The only negative about the vineyard turning gold is that soon after it's brown.

    emm, it's always best to start at the beginning.


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