Saturday, October 06, 2018

Will it or won't it?

We're supposed to be having some kind of rain event over night and into Sunday. The forecasters just can't figure out what kind. They keep changing the predicted rainfall from a lot to very little back to a lot and, now, very little. I suppose they'll nail it down after it's over.

We're starting to see a little red out in the vineyards.

Meanwhile, I got the garden mostly finished up on Friday. Today I'll harvest the remaining potimarrons because I don't want them sitting on wet ground (if it rains). Otherwise, the stakes and tomato poles are all put away and the section of fence I use as a support for beans and peas is removed, rolled up, and inside the garden shed for the winter. Ken's thinking he might till up the dirt some time next week. It's hard as concrete right now, but some rain (if it rains) will soften it a little. Then we can think about getting some plastic or garden fabric to cover it all with.


  1. I hope it’s SOME rain... if it rains. I should have been a weather man; no one would have expected me to ever be right.

  2. This point in the growing season is always a heart pain for me - I was overwhelmed with produce just a minute ago and madly trying to use it all and now there are no daily fresh tomatoes. Sigh.

  3. Well, how did it turn out? or, maybe it still hasn't?

    I'm saving this photo -- future desk top photo at school, to show my students :)

  4. mitch, turned out to be 5mm, more than I expected.

    sillygirl, I can relate. But, there's next year to plan and look forward to!

    judy, we got some rain over night, but not enough to make a dent in the deficit.


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