Monday, May 13, 2019


The few re-seeding ancolies (columbine) are blooming right now in the yard. There were pink ones in addition to these blue ones, but I don't see any pink this year. I wish they would spread, but they don't seem to. I suppose I could collect the seeds. Our deep red peonies are also starting to open up.

Blue columbine in the daisy patch.

As I mentioned yesterday, we're heading into a sunny and dry week, although the temperatures are not expected to be very warm. Not cold, just not very warm. There is work to be done!


  1. We love columbines and had a beautiful cluster near our pool in Connecticut. The woodchucks like them even more than we did. They but the stems of every single one just as the blooms began to open... simply to say they were there.

  2. We had record cold yesterday-- the coldest May 12 ever recorded. I think it got down to 50° F. But, it's only 45° right now!

  3. And now - drum roll- what about an image of Bertie on the hunt outside, given the good weather this week, to complement the imagine of him inside? just to please me, pretty please, Roderick

  4. Lovely picture. I've never had any luck with columbines, possibly because of critters like those Mitchell mentions.

  5. mitch, critter management is an art form, one that I have not mastered. Fortunately, we have no woodchucks here. Wild boar, yes.

    judy, brrr! It's still chilly here and the forecast is for more chilliness.

    roderick, well, it's hard to find him hunting at the same time that I have the camera ready...

    emm, one of them escaped the daisy patch and started growing in a pathway, then before I realized what I had done, I sprayed it with weed killer. :(


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