Friday, May 31, 2019

Artie chokes four for a dollar

That's the punchline of an old joke about a bandit named Arthur who, while robbing a grocery store, strangled four people, but only got away with one dollar. The clue that it's an old joke is the idea that you can actually get four artichokes for a buck.

These artichokes will bloom later in the summer.

Two of our artichoke plants continue to survive, putting out a handful of chokes each year. We don't harvest them because they're tough and not very big. They also attract aphids like crazy. I spray soapy water on them a few times a year to keep them under control. I also use the hose's hard spray to wash them off from time to time.

In other garden news, I got all the tomatoes planted on Thursday. The day was cool and overcast, a good combination for planting seedlings. We're expecting a relatively hot and dry few days now. I think the tomatoes will like that.


  1. Wasn't an American jazz bandleader named Artie Shaw?

  2. Artichokes are in the market lately. The high-priced market had them for $5 each. The place where I go regularly moves produce and the older things go to net bags for $1 each bag - I have gotten 4-5 bags with two artichokes in each. It pays to "shop around".

    1. My local Fred Meyer supermarket also does the "aged product" bags for $1! I'm not usually attracted to them, but once in a while I find a bag that has a 'treat' inside. I'll have to watch for bags with artichokes - now that would be a "find"!

      Mary in Oregon

  3. That old joke is a good groaner. Damn aphids!

  4. Yay for the tomatoes being planted. Now you can dream about tomato sandwiches.

  5. I can't grow tomatoes where I live, so I will help raise yours vicariously.

  6. chm, I believe so. And, if you pronounce his name with a French accent, it sounds like artichaut... ;)

    sillygirl, that's for sure!

    judy, they're "real in." ;)

    mitch, the more groans, the better.

    evelyn, oh, that does sound good!

    emm, thanks. We'll take all the help we can get.


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