Thursday, May 09, 2019

Just a dandy lion

The year's first wave of pissenlits (dandelions) has come and gone. They got fluffy and sent their seeds parachuting across the countryside in between the rain storms.

Dandelions on a sunny morning.

The wind is dying down now, but we did have a rocky night. I woke up a few times when gusts shook the roof, but it wasn't too bad. This wind event was mild compared to some we've had. The rain seems to have subsided for the moment, too, which is good because Tasha and I have to go out for our morning walk soon. **UPDATE: We went out and got caught in a squall. Soaked.

One seed is hanging on. "No! I won't go!"


  1. A fate I don’t deserve... duh doot duh doot doot duh doo.

  2. There is a woman in our neighborhood that comes picking the dandelion seeds to make a tea - she says it is very beneficial to health and to her son's allergies. Maybe you should sweep up those heads and start a business!

  3. My ancestors deliberately brought these to New England for their many uses. Hard to imagine now.

  4. mitch, hehe... I'm sure you meant "desoive." ;)

    sillygirl, the competition would be too fierce.

    michael, I always wondered who did that. :)


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