Friday, May 24, 2019


I had to move fast to get this shot. That tiny snail was sliding right along. I didn't want to startle it and make it withdraw into its shell, so I had to be careful not to nudge the grasses. A few quick camera adjustments and voilà!

This is a cropped portion of the original larger image taken with a 100mm macro lens. At f/5, the depth of field is intentionally shallow.

I might have taken a little more time. I think the shutter speed could have been a little faster to stop all the action. Even at 1/500s the snail's shell is slightly blurred due to the grass swaying in the morning breeze and the fact that I was holding the camera (which introduces more movement). Add to that the snail's frantic pace and, well, you see what I mean! All kidding aside, I only see the blur when I zoom into the image. It's not all that noticeable here.


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