Tuesday, May 07, 2019


As many of you know, we have two very tall red maple trees on the eastern edge of our property, just off the front deck of the house. A while ago, I noticed one of their offspring, a sapling, that's now two or three feet high growing on the western edge next to the garden shed.

I think this tree is too close to the shed, so it will probably have to be dug up before long. I wonder if moving it will kill it?

It's grass cutting time again. Yes, again. I did the South 40 on Monday, and I hope to finish with the West and North 40s today. We're expecting rain from Wednesday through the weekend, so if I don't do it now, it will grow even more.


  1. Walt, if you move it after the leaves have fallen [November'ish], with a nice big rootball and make sure it is watered all next year... then there should be no problem.
    It is a beautiful colour!!

  2. Great minds... I was going to say the same thing as Tim, to wait until fall it move it. Would you put it in the opposite corner of your property, next to the pear tree?

  3. Beauty ful. Hope it survives a move. Mow, quick!

  4. I also agree about transplanting in the fall. I think one's supposed to pay particular attention to the tap root and to give it room to grow without encircling the tree. The internet must be filled with information on the subject.

  5. I remember in the northeast of USA maples grew quickly - almost a weed.
    However I think they are lovely; I hope yours transports well !

  6. Love red maples. I had one at my old Kentucky home.

  7. tim, thanks for the tips!

    chm, the pear tree has died, unfortunately. But I don't think it would go there. Something to think about all summer. We don't want to shade the vegetable garden.

    mitch, moving it is only a thought at this point. It may just have to go.

    sheila, I'm sure it is!

    michael, maples are everywhere in the northeast USA, that's for sure. Syrup!

    ginny, yes!

    evelyn, isn't that a song? ;)

  8. Walt, if it needs to depart.... I will happily give it space... I can plant it near our Norway Maples.

    1. tim, ok, I'll let you know. Provided I remember! LOL


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